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Zoom Meetings

With the arrival of the Covid-19 Lockdown back in March the Presbytery of Ayr addressed the matter of how to continually conduct essential business. With the Presbytery’s permission initial approval was given to the Business & Nomination Committee to deal with business. This resulted in two Zoom meetings on the 16th June and the 1st September where 17 and 14 members respectively from the Business & Nomination Committee dealt with the business of Presbytery in an efficient and competent manner.

The Business & Nomination Committee then took the decision that for the Presbytery meeting of the 20th October all Presbyters should be invited. This ambitious plan subsequently went ahead and approximately 65 members of Presbytery came together from within the confines of their own homes. This historical meeting truly embraced modern technology and proceeded without a hitch. Indeed the Presbytery meeting commenced at 7pm and adjourned at 7.20pm, which must have been the shortest meeting ever.

The Presbytery meeting of 1st December, attended by 65 members was again held via Zoom and was also a success. Not quiet as short as the October meeting, but less than an hour.

The success of these meetings potentially endorses the possibility of continually holding some Presbytery meetings with the aid of modern technology, even once Covid-19 subsides.

Installation of Presbytery Moderator

The Presbytery of Ayr installed the Rev David Prentice-Hyers, Minister of Troon: Old Parish Church, as Moderator. The installation took place on Tuesday 16th June, 2020. The Rev David Prentice-Hyers will serve as Moderator of the Presbytery of Ayr until June, 2022.

Please click here to view a recording of Dave's Installation.

Induction of Rev Stanley Okeke

Welcome to the very first online Induction Service hosted by the Presbytery of Ayr. This Service took place on Tuesday 12th May at 3pm when the Rev Stanley Okeke was inducted to Ayr: St Andrew’s. The Moderator, the Rev Brian Hendrie, conducted a short act of Worship which centred on the 23rd Psalm. The Moderator also delivered the prescribed Questions which were answered satisfactorily by the Rev Stanley Okeke. Having then signed the Formula, Stanley was inducted to Ayr: St Andrew’s. Special thanks to all those who took part in the Induction Service.

The Presbytery of Ayr is delighted to welcome Stanley. It should be noted the Presbytery does intend to host a Service of Welcome in Ayr: St Andrew’s at a later date.

Please click here to see a recording of the Induction service.

Thank you for joining us.