Presbytery's Committee and Normal Meetings

The Presbytery Year begins 1st July and ends 30th June the following year.

26th January Committee meetings
7th February Normal meeting
23rd February Committee meetings
7th March Normal meeting
  Guest Speaker: Mr Steve Ferrie, Broken Chains
16th April Easter Sunday
20th April Committee meetings
2nd May Normal meeting
7th May Presbytery Congregational Golf Event (provisional date)
20th May General Assembly commences
8th June Committee meetings
20th June Presbytery meeting with installation of new Moderator
21st August Moderator’s Cup Golf Competition (provisional date)
24th August Committee meetings
5th September Normal meeting

Committee Meetings are held in Ayr: Auld Kirk Halls.
Normal Meetings are held in the Carrick Centre, Maybole with the exception of October and June.